British Mini Bike Test Day

From £120

11 Days
9 Hrs
21 Mins
29 Secs

British Mini Bike Test Day.

General Testing


  1. Bookings are only accepted in advance using our online booking system.
  2. Please read all the relevant paperwork carefully, they are legal documents and contain important safety information.
  3. Please complete all the fields on the online booking form with all Drivers/Riders details at the time of booking. (Driver details cannot be added later.)
  4. Only one additional driver is permitted per booking. No additional Riders except Sidecars.
  5. All participants must be in possession of a MSUK/ACU competition licence.
  6. Entry to the paddock will be from 6.00pm on the Thursday evening of the event unless otherwise agreed.
  7. Please make sure you have your e tickets available for scanning by our gate staff.
  8. Please Park up sensibly and keep the paddock road ways clear, Circuit staff will be on hand for guidance.
  9. Sign on with licence checks will commence at 8.00am in paddock office.
  10. Testing will start at 9am, normally in 20-minute session, timing & groups will be issued at sign on.
  11. It’s the responsibility of the participant to ensure the vehicle/machines are in a good mechanical condition and comply with MSUK/ACU regulations.
  12. Competitors are reminded the test will be run in line with MSUK/ACU regulations.
  13. Any vehicle/machines used on the circuit must pass the Drive By noise test (98dba) Refunds cannot be offered should your vehicle fail.
  14. If BARC(Pembrey)Ltd., is notified no later than 10 days prior to the event, BARC(Pembrey)Ltd., will endeavour to reschedule your booking subject to
    availability. This must be within the calendar year to which the booking is made. BARC (Pembrey)Ltd., do not offer refunds for cancellations.
  15. This request must be made by email to pembrey@barc.net.
  16. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not offer refunds.
  17. There is no power hook up or garages available.
  18. Noise curfews are in place before 8.45am and after 6.00pm in the evening with a 1hr lunch break between 12noon and 2.00pm each day. See Pembrey Noise Management
    Plan for full details which is in Legal section on this website. This is a Local Authority Legally Binding Document.
  19. Competitors are requested to leave the venue within 2hrs after the final race of the day.
  20. If you require any further assistance regarding the above, please contact Tel No 01554891042 where our staff will be pleased to help you or drop us an email; at pembrey@barc.net

8th Feb 2024