'Jaffa' Stages Rally - Spectator Announcement

WWRS JAFFA STAGES - Spectator Announcement

Saturday 30th December 2023

Due to the extreme weather conditions over the last few weeks and the forecast for heavy rain and high winds on Saturday, BARC(Pembrey) Ltd. and Carmarthen Motor Club have jointly decided to make the Event Non–Spectator.

This is due to the access roads to the spectator areas being flooded and the high winds which have been predicted for Saturday. The safety of our spectators is always of paramount concern which has lead us to make this unusual decision.

The Event itself will go ahead as planned with minor changes to the stages to avoid the flooded areas.

BARC (Pembrey) Ltd and Carmarthen Motor Club apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision, the safety of our Spectators is always a priority.